'UPCYCLED' - Clothing raised from the dead!



What are Upcycled Garments?

Welcome to my website, I am Robyn Robertson designer of 'UPCYCLED' clothing under the label 'WOMAN OF JOPPA'.

Upcycling is the art of making ONE OFF original garments by rearranging, cutting, adding and/or embellishing recyclable clothing. I raise clothing from the dead!

Instead of merely being used as polishing cloths, I tailor beautiful garments from throw away clothing.

I love the thought of not being wasteful just because our clothes are no longer fashionable or useful anymore!

I think my label 'WOMAN OF JOPPA' says it all!


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The 'Woman of Joppa' is described in the Bible as a sewer of fine clothes, she dies and is raised from the dead by the power of Jesus.

I want people to buy and wear my fine clothes and to have fun wearing an original ONE OFF clothing garment that has been raised from the dead!


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